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Get a website that makes your business look great, whether being viewed on a phone or computer. Our mobile responsive designs are built to bring you business 24/7. Combine that with a system like Joomla or WordPress and you've got a marketing platform you can manage yourself.

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“In our over-hyped world it’s hard to find a company that does everything they promise…after they have been paid. Piggybank Technology is such a company for me. I needed guidance on how to optimize my site for my customer base, and I needed coaching on how to manage my site moving forward. Their expertise and ongoing support has exceeded my expectations. Piggybank is a world-class web partner for my small business.”

- Kent Osborne, Midhurst ON

“Scott took the time to see my ideas as well as show me many options. They are very knowledgeable and I found them easy to contact and work with. I like the fact that they can help me at anytime should I want to add or make changes to my website. Our new site has received many compliments as well as attracted new people to our business. I would highly recommend Piggybank Technology and Scott & Jennifer are great and professional. ”

- Rose Piccoli, Newmarket

“Thanks to Jen & Scott, our website is on auto pilot selling our books around the world and depositing money directly into our bank account whether we’re in the office or boating with friends.”

- Doug and Brenda, Meaford ON

“Since starting with Piggybank, we have worked together to get the best possible website and e-commerce site for CanEVA. The move to WordPress has increased daily sales while decreasing the confusion with customers regarding how to place and pay for an order - Ka-ching! This is what Piggybank promised and delivered. Now we are teaching an old dog new media and blogging is a big part of an online sales business and I am learning, with Jennifer's patience and guiding influence. Thank you for being there for CanEVA. ”

- Barbara Wright, Caneva

“Piggybank Technology didn't just design a beautiful WordPress site, they worked in the marketing psychology and have answered all my questions promptly and thoroughly. They're a pleasure to work with and have earned my confidence." ”

- Renee Galloway, Debits & Credits, Barrie

“Our organization has recently gone through a huge directional change, and thanks to the amazing team at Piggybank, communicating this change has been very easy. The folks at Piggybank provided excellent guidance, design and training, and really acted as a part of our team, always with our best interests at heart. We are over the moon with the results, and look forward to many years of doing business with such wonderful partners.”

- Krista Lachapelle, Barrie, ON

I must say that this small business goes over and above! The team of Scott, Jennifer, Ben and Jeff provided exemplary advice, training and ongoing support for this technically challenged customer. Responses to any questions or concerns were immediate and their calm, professional demeanour was always appreciated. I am thrilled with the outcome of our work together and would highly recommend Piggybank Technology to anyone looking for a high quality website at an affordable price point. Thanks team!

Patricia O'Connor, Barrie

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Piggybank Technology and will become part of my message to the significant number of dealers who do not have websites. The site is an obvious home run!"

- Chris Brown, Toronto, ON

Get the right company to build your website that understands the marketing message even if they have to tease and beat it out of you, metaphorically, of course. Scott, at Piggybank Technology, took our message from the diluted state it was in to a laser focus on our target market, and the site launched on time, on budget. Without the assistance and ongoing constructive suggestions from the team at Piggybank, my website would still look like it did; a very static, uninviting website that did absolutely nothing for my business. We had worked together before so it was an easy decision to go back to Piggybank for another new website.

Deborah Alcock,

“Scott, I appreciate that you put in many extra hours to "get the first on right" and you did. I will also recommend you to anyone I know who wants to take their website to the next level.”

- Stuart Manley, Channel Point HR, Toronto ON

“Boy oh boy, what would I do without both of you? This is just a thank you for all the set-up and guidance and advice you have given me.”

- Mary Gordon, Niagara Falls, ON

"It is a long time since I have been able to say ‘delightful’ and ‘web site’ in the same sentence. You got to know us, developed a scope of work and timeline and then delivered everything on time and on budget. I especially appreciate the time you took to educate us on what we could do with our web site and that you stuck to your convictions when we wanted to embark on a less effective route. Sometimes you have to tell the client you don’t agree. You did. We listened and we benefitted. Thank you for all of your work."

Rob Macleod, Toronto ON

"It is always a pleasure working with the amazing team at Piggybank Technology.Their professionalism is second to none! Time and time again, they have eagerly gone above and beyond to surpass our expectations and ensure our success by being well represented online. I would highly recommend the services of Piggybank Technology to anyone looking to build or improve their presence on the internet."

- Christina Spring, Innisfil

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