The Story Behind “The Piggybank”

how Piggybank got its name

It was Spring of 2005 and Scott & Jen were driving through Thornbury with their 3 young kids in the back when their son Tyler (6 at the time) shouted: “Hey Dad, it’s a great big Piggybank!” Scott looked around thinking there might be some great big blow up piggybank on top of a store promoting a sale or new store opening, but saw nothing. Tyler insisted that there was indeed a piggybank and after following his pointing finger, Scott saw what he was talking about. Tyler saw someone putting money into a do-it-yourself carwash. He was right! That was somebody’s piggybank.

The really brilliant part was when Tyler then said, “hey…you guys make Piggybanks!”. He was referring to what “mom and dad” did for a living; which, at the time, was building and running web based businesses from home: websites that people put money into! That’s when the light bulb went on and the phrase “Piggybank Website” was coined.

how Piggybank got its name
Internet Marketing since 1993

Marketing on the Internet Since ’93

Both Jen and Scott are business Grads which explains their “business first, technology second” approach to website design. The Internet was just starting to happen in the early 90’s (back when only the really cool people had an email address on their business card!) and they saw the immense potential for marketing with the Internet.

They launched their first Email newsletter called Achieve in 1993. Thinking back to those times, Scott says: “I remember the painful pioneering work to send personalized emails merged from my Maximizer contact manager…it was bleeding edge, but very powerful”. Now, it’s routine.

A Small Business Passion

“I’ve spent my time flying around North America consulting with Fortune 500 companies; the glamour wears off pretty quickly” says Scott when talking about making the decision to focus on the local small business. “Being able to roll up our sleeves and work along side the small business owner is far more gratifying…we can have more impact and can relate much better” says Scott.

Piggybank Marketing focuses on simplifying the power of enterprise marketing methods to give local small businesses a competitive edge. “When we do a project”, says Scott, “we like to think of ourselves as being on the Clients’ team as their Internet Marketing Manager.”

Local Small Business Marketing

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Websites that go Ka-Ching!

Over the years, Scott and Jen have been developing ways to weave the response pulling power of Direct Response Marketing with the Internet to create effective marketing websites…”Websites that Go Ka-Ching!”

“Before we created websites for other people, we were running our own web-based businesses to put food on the family table and we learned very quickly that our web marketing better work!” says Scott, who remembers how they quickly cut through the hype of Internet Marketing to find the approaches that actually work.