secure website backup

Thank God for Backups!

Yesterday, I managed to break our website. I was doing some fancy stuff…testing something that we will be rolling into the websites we do for our Clients…and I managed to break the website. Our pages weren’t loading.

Thankfully, before I did this pioneering work, I made a back-up of our Joomla site use the very excellent Akeeba Backup extension. We’ve tested our website back-up and restore plans before, but today was the first time I’ve had to do a complete website restore for real!

Before I did the restore, I took more back-ups. I double checked everything. I was nervous about overwriting my whole website with a restore I only had theoretical confidence in.

I spent about 2 hours getting ready for the restore. The actual restore itself took about 15 minutes. And it worked like a charm!

Thank God for back-ups!

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