Canadian Website Hosting Optimized for WordPress

Piggybank’s WordPress Hosting Is About To Give Our Clients An Even Faster Competitive Edge…

Our WordPress Hosting server is getting even faster! In June, we are upgrading our server to give our Clients an even greater competitive edge.

Canadian WordPress Hosting

As websites become more feature rich, the need for speed and security becomes all that much more important. Our job is to look after all the boring, geeky stuff so you don’t have to worry about things like down-time, security breaches and slow-loading sites.

The current website server has done a mighty fine job with 99.99% up-time and ZERO successful hacks. When we launched our current server, it was blazing fast for its day. It’s still head and shoulders above regular shared hosting. But when we compare it to the latest/greatest that’s available today, we believe the time has come to take a leap forward.

Fast & Secure Managed Hosting, Optimized for WordPress:

  • Bigger better computer chips that can process more faster.
  • Faster disk storage speed
  • Newest, best security firewall optimized for WordPress
  • Fastest server operating system
  • Built-in caching for WordPress and Joomla sites (even faster loading times)
  • Automatic image compression for faster load times

This is the kind of high-end WordPress hosting others pay 3X to 4X the price to get. We believe in offering our Clients superior hosting at an affordable price because we understand the competitive advantage it gives you. Fast, local hosting improves:

  • Visitor conversions
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • (and saves us from working on “pluck our eyes out” second-rate hosting! What can I say, we like awesome!)

Our target date to switch your site over is the Friday June 5. The actual “go live” will happen around 8PM Friday. If this date interferes with any important promotions you have planned, please let us know.

Some Q&A About Our WordPress Hosting Upgrade

Will there be any down time?

We anticipate about 30 minutes of down-time which will be scheduled for off-hours.

Does this mean my hosting fees will increase?

No. We don’t have any plans currently to change hosting rates. One of the big reasons we offer the hosting we do is because we believe in offering our Clients superior hosting at an affordable price because we understand the competitive advantage it gives you. Fast, local hosting improves website conversions and Search Engine Rankings.

How will you communicate updates about the upgrade?

Any regular updates will be sent out via email. If there’s something critical that needs to be communicated, we’ll do so through our Facebook Page and Twitter.

What kinds of backups do you do?

We offer 2-levels of backup…Our primary backups are nightly server backups with multiple restore points. That means we can restore your website back to how it was yesterday or several days ago. In addition to these backups, we also do separate off-site backups of your site on a scheduled basis.

What if I notice a problem with my site or email?

We have a series of tests we’ll be doing over the weekend to make sure everything’s good. However, we encourage you to take a close look at your website and email. If you notice any issues, please contact us:
1. Email
2. Call us at (705) 792-7155
Over the weekend, we will be monitoring for any issues.

If you have any other questions, please email them to or leave a comment below.

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