Help For Small Businesses
Dealing With The Covid 19 Crisis

Free Consultation

Scott has opened up several Free Consultation slots on his calendar. If you want to talk to him about business strategy or marketing to help you get through the Covid 19 Crisis, then book your free consultation now:

(This is a no-strings attached consultation; there will be no sales pitch) 

Free Website Updates

If you need to update your website or Google My Business listing to reflect important changes to your business (like business hours, open/closed status, etc.) and you’ve got a WordPress or Joomla site, we’ll help you do it at NO CHARGE. 

(Please note, while we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone, depending on volume, we may have to limit this offer)


If you still have questions, please reach out to us at (705) 792-7155 or

Piggybank is becoming GravityStack Marketing.