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Traffic & Lead Generation Campaigns for Local Professionals that gets your phone ringing with Customers who have chosen you as their Professional of Choice.

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Yellow Page Advertising is dead

The Phone Book Is Dead!

Gone is the phone book. Newspapers are dying. Networking gets old fast. Today, everyone has a smartphone and are just a “Google Search” away from doing business…

If you want to attract those Customers to you, then you need to be showing up Online with a message that converts. 

With A Dizzying Number Of Options,
Over-Hyped Snake Oil & Conflicting Advice,
You Need A Clear, Proven Plan That Makes Sense.

The 3 Best Traffic Sources
Proven To Work For Local Professionals...

When it comes to choosing what traffic sources to use, our experience and experimentation tells us that these are the 3 that stand above the rest: Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Local SEO.

There are many combinations and options within these 3 traffic sources. We will work with you to develop a plan that fits your business and your budget. 

The Piggybank Formula For Attracting More Customers...

Traffic x Conversion = Ka-Ching!


Attract your Ideal Customer to "raise their hand" and go to your website.


Engage your visitors with a funnel designed to get them to choose you.


A marketing asset that gives you a predictable stream of Customers.

You need a campaign that does BOTH: (1) Drives targeted traffic to (2) High-converting landing pages on your website.

The proper way to judge a website is by the Results it produces. Same for advertising.
If you want to attract a steady stream of new Customers, you need marketing assets that produce measurable results. We call these assets "Piggybanks".

- Scott Gingrich
Piggybank Websites

Pig•gy•bank noun – A marketing asset that uses results-first marketing to produce a reliable stream of new Customers which, once created, continues to produce with little or no change. 

Read the charming story of how a 6-year-old inspired our Piggybank name.

Results By Design: The Piggybank Process

web design with lead generation strategy


web design is more than beautiful design


web design for measurable results


We use our Professional of Choice Strategy and our years of experience working with Professionals to
build you a marketing system that produces a reliable stream of new Customers.

Each Campaign Comes With Scott's Experience Built-In

Piggybank Marketing was founded by Scott Gingrich, an experienced Online Marketer with a passion for helping local business owners prosper.

Scott Gingrich

Scott’s not your typical “web geek” either…

  • Pioneer of behaviour-based Email marketing automation.
  • Owned multiple online businesses (just sold last one in 2016)
  • Authored CRM Survival Guide & Piggybank Websites books
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Devotes 30 hours of directed study on Direct Response Marketing, Psychology and Persuasion.
  • "Slept in snow, walked on fire"

All of this experience is woven into the DNA of Piggybank Marketing and into the websites and campaigns we create.

Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist
"Piggybank didn't just design a beautiful new WordPress site for us; they worked in the marketing psychology and made a site that gets us CUSTOMERS."
Renne Galloway
Renée Galloway
Debits & Credits, Barrie, ON

Discover Which Customer Attraction Campaign Is Best For You: Book A FREE Consultation With Scott

If you’re a local professional who is serious about attracting new Customers, then you’re invited to book a FREE Consultation with Scott. 

Expect this to be an interactive workshop with Scott where you’ll…

  • understand which options work best for your business model & budget,
  • see what a Customer Attraction System looks like for your business. 
  • get all of your questions answered. 

When you fill out the form, Jen will get in touch with you within 1 business day to book a time that works for both you and Scott.

Your meeting can be at our office or by phone/web.

Have questions now? Call us at: (705) 792-7155.