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Learn the proven method that Local Professionals (who are in the know) are using to attract a steady stream of Clients. Even though this strategy is grounded in timeless marketing principles, most are clueless…and that includes your competitors! 

By deploying the Professional of Choice strategy, you can leap-frog your competitors before they have any idea what’s coming.  To be clear…while we specialize in applying this method to online marketing, the strategy itself can be used in any media, old or new

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get real. Just because a marketing strategy works for one kind of business doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. 

  1. First off, this is a strategy that has been developed, tested and tweaked for “local professionals”. So, if you’re something else (like a retail store or Ecommerce store), there are other strategies that are going to be more suited to you. 
  2. Secondly, The Professional of Choice strategy works best for services with a longer “buyer journey” where your Client is going to take time to educate themselves and research options. If your service is more of the “break/fix” type (think locksmith, plumbing emergency) then there are aspects of this strategy that you can and should still be using but your strategy will be a bit different (the report goes into more detail on that). 

A local professional is someone who primarily sells a service in a local market. That could be anything from home renovation to family counselling to bookkeeping to auto repair (and all points in between). 

Get your phone ringing with Clients eager to to business with you...

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Get your phone ringing with Clients eager to do business with YOU.

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