FREE Series Helping Small Businesses Survive The Covid-19 Crisis


The FREE Covid-19 Survival Series
For Small Business Owners

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Make no doubt about it…

If you own a small business you’re fighting for it’s very survival. The Covid-19 Crisis is an existential threat to most small businesses. 

We’re all dealing with uncertainty…Are we talking weeks or months? Will my business make it? What moves do I need to be making? What happens if…

It can be overwhelming. 

Business Owners Who Are Experts In Their Field Have
United To Volunteer Their Expert Advice...

For Some...

…it’s time to CLOSE their doors.

…it’s time to PIVOT their business.

…it’s time to boldly CUT COSTS.

…it’s time to HUNKER DOWN.

For ALL of us, it’s time to keep our WITS about us and respond in SMART ways. 

Expert Guidance

A small group of experienced Entrepreneurs have gotten together to volunteer their expertise to help their fellow small business owners.  We are offering webinars and other resources on subjects critical to surviving the Covid-19 crisis. 

There’s nothing to buy. There’s no sales pitch. Just a sincere desire to help.

We’re not normally in the webinar business…we’ve put this resource together quickly in order to get it out to as many small business owners as we can, as quickly as we can. It’s a learning curve for all of us!


Family TLC
Counselling Services
Debits & Credits Bookkeeping & Accounting

Right now, we have 3 main topics: Mental Health, Financial Maneuvers and Strategic Moves. We’re looking at adding some more. There are links to each at the top of this page. 

On each page, you’ll see a webinar on that topic you can sign-up forIf we’ve already held the webinar, we’ll be offering free access to the recording. We’ll also be putting up additional resources as they happen. 

This project is being put together very quickly and frankly we don’t have all the pieces ready yet (putting on webinars like this is new for us!). We’ll be making updates to these pages throughout the coming days. 

Sound interesting? If so, I invite you to take these two next steps… 

Next Steps...

  1. Sign-up to get important updates on the Survive! project (see form below)
  2. Click on the topics you’re interested in and Register for the Webinars.

Here's 2 Things To Do Next...

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You are agreeing to receive updates on our initiative to help small businesses survive the Covid-19 crisis. You can unsubscribe at any time. We will only use this email list for this purpose; we will not use it to market or sell anything to you. 

Step 2:

Check Out Topics & Register

Help Spread The Word...

2 thoughts on “Survive Webinar Series For Small Business Owners”

  1. Hello Scott and staff,
    I hope you all are well.
    I think this is a great idea! I’m working on pivoting my business, this summer. For now, what I CAN help with is how to speak on webinars. We’re all conducting more business online, using a variety of webinar platforms and tools and many are uncomfortable with this new ‘2-dimensional’ medium. I should know, I teach Social Engagement Skills and Face-to-Face (F2F). As you may know, I’m also a 19-year member and a Distinguished Toastmaster, with Toastmasters International and can help entrepreneurs develop stronger speaking skills – with fewer “ums, ahs, and “and so” filler words. As a certified Adult Educator, I’ve mentored, taught and presented training sessions on a variety of subjects, including presentation skills. If you think this would be of interest to your clients, I’d be willing to volunteer my time.

    1. Scott Gingrich

      Thanks Deborah. Let’s set up a time to talk about how we might be able to package this up for the business community. You’re awesome!

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