Why We Proudly Insist On WordPress For All Our Website Projects…

WordPress web design

33% of all websites in the world use WordPress and it’s no wonder…

WordPress has quickly dominated the web design space because of its:

  • ease of use
  • vast ecosystem of plugins
  • unrivaed number of integrations with leading marketing tools
  • FREEDOM to host your site wherever you want

But what we love most is the ease and speed at which we can combine our direct response marketing tactics with a custom design.

4 Reasons Why We Love WordPress…

Ease of Use

Easily add blog posts, edit pages and work with image galleries, meaning you can manage your website without paying or waiting for your web designer.

WordPress has an easy editor
integrate WordPress with MailChimp and other marketing tools

Vast Ecosystem of Powerful Plugins

We have curated a library of carefully selected plugins, many of them commercial, that we know and trust as being the best for WordPress web design.

Search Engine Optimization

Out of the box, WordPress is pretty good at Search Engine Optimization. However, add-in the SEOpress plugin and our SEO tweaks, WordPress becomes an SEO Rock Star.

search engine optimization
open source website


WordPress is “Open Source” software, meaning it’s free to use and can be hosted at a place of your choosing…With a WordPress web design, you’re not locked into the proprietary systems some web design companies use. WordPress is a paramount part of our belief that you should have 100% Walk-away Control of your website.

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WordPress is a popular target of hackers but with our extensive security protocol you can rest easy knowing that we’re thwarting any attacks.


Modern websites can bog down cheap web hosts. That’s why we’ve invested in a dedicated server hosted in Canada, built for speed and security.

We’ve been working with WordPress since its very first version back in 2003 and today we use it exclusively to build marketing websites. But just like a hammer doesn’t make someone a carpenter, WordPress alone is just website software. We know how to harness the possibilities of WordPress and design websites that will get your phone to ring with Clients who are ready to do business with you.